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We advance your long-term success by bringing you exciting products to delight your patients. It's that simple.




Stonebreaker Distribution provides a comprehensive selection of leading medical cannabis brands, offering retail partners the ability to streamline purchasing and receiving.

When you take advantage of Stonebreaker’s one-stop shop, you have more time to devote to customers, compliance, and running a profitable dispensary.

Stonebreaker is committed to delighting your customers with our innovative selection of established brands and exciting new offerings.

From our user-friendly order interface to our reliable delivery service, Stonebreaker provides professional, personalized service. Our secure warehouse is both temperature and humidity controlled, ensuring that your dispensary receives only the highest quality, fully compliant cannabis.

Stonebreaker also offers low minimum orders and frequent deliveries, which means you can maintain consistent supply of medical cannabis while at the same time reducing your investment in inventory.


regulary compliance



outstanding cannabis products



24/7 temp & humidity monitoring



24/7 alarm monitoring



retailer profitability



rigorous access control



professional, reliable service



Secure vault storage


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Full compliance

We operate within government regulations and guidance.

Partner Success

We devote ourselves to making our retailer partners successful.

Strong Relationships

We cultivate long-term alliances with both suppliers and retailers.

Responsive Communication

We make responding to you our priority.


We are professional, skilled, and committed to providing excellent service.


Stonebreaker is ready for regulation

Stonebreaker is in the process of acquiring a Type 11 distribution license, which will permit us to source the finest medical cannabis from both cultivators and manufacturers and offer those products to retailers. Our sales and distribution activities are currently on hold while we complete the licensure process.

We prioritize full compliance with all government regulations, and we take pride in delivering compliant cannabis to our retail partners.

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